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Many people these days forget who they really are, including me. Once, I forgot my value, I forgot who I was and I forgot what am I capable of. Sometimes we become someone else’s inner devil because of so called self discrimination. We lack self control and trust to our own flair that we turn out to be a copier or a doppelganger. Why do people get jealous to someone who’s happy and contented with who they are? This one advice stated by a great man I know was the best advice I’ve ever heard and his words, I will always remember.

A famous person once said, “You doubt yourself too much, don’t run away from who you are” and from that I have learned that being envious to someone isn’t a good thing at all. I tried to look at the mirror and see my reflection, only then I find out what he was telling me. Trying to copy them or even pretend to be like them is like trying to forget how special you are on your own ways. God has made each one of us unique so that we don’t have to be anybody else. God made us not exactly the same with each other because he would want us to realize that all of us have our own worth and flair. We could be better but not greater to somebody else. Each of us is equal because we don’t have anything in common to compare. God would want us to learn to love and not to hate, he would want us to fill up someone’s missing pieces and he would want us to understand each others’ imperfections. This was the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned from this advice, to love yourself and not to be resentful.

The great man was correct, indeed. I doubt myself too much that I wasn’t able to see all the beautiful things I could achieve with my own struggling. Since then, I applied his wisdom. Through the years that had past I have loved and understand myself better than anybody else. What you think of yourself is what you are becoming, so don’t ever think you are no better than everybody else because you are.

For what is worth.

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If you love a girl, you would make sure that she feels loved. You’d make sure she feel safe when she’s with you. You’ll make her feel like she’s the happiest girl in the world and you’ll make her feel that she’s important, that she’s pretty even with messy hair. You should make her feel like she definitely do not need to compare herself with others and will never think envious. If you love a girl you’ll never make her feel alone, you’ll never make her feel forlorn or even make her cry because of regrets. If you love a girl you should take her to the places where she felt like she’s on the top of the world, in places where she felt like a princess with a white horse and a soldier, where she could be herself and she can speak her mind without hesitations and doubts. That’s how you love a girl treat her like she’s worth all the risk and sacrifices. <3

Ang puso ay makapangyarihan, napakaliit na bahagi ng katawan pero walang sukatan at katulad ang kakayahan nitong magmahal, magpatawad at tumanggap ng kahit anong hirap o sakit.

Bakit kapag yung utak nauntog at nagka amnesia ka ang bilis-bilis lang naman makalimot pero kapag puso ang tinamaan, kahit paulit-ulit ka pang mauntog hinding-hindi ka makakatakas sa sakit na dulot nang isang sugat sa puso. Sana papel na lang tayo na sinulatan ng lapis nuh? para kapag nagkamali ka nang sinulat may eraser na pambura ng mali. Ang hirap kasi e, yung paulit-ulit mong mararamdaman yung sakit. Yun bang paulit ulit mong mararanasan yung pag-iyak sa bawat gabi ng buhay mo, ang sakit-sakit. Kasi alam mo na kahit hirap na hirap ka na, hindi mo parin kayang umalis, alam mong mas kakayanin mo paring magtiis kaysa mag-isa. Kasi alam mong siya lang yung mamahalin mo, masaktan ka man o umiyak habang buhay.

Kasi ang pag-ibig para lang sa mga matatapang, yung hindi marunong lumaban at takot masaktan hindi yun magtatagal sa pag-ibig. Hindi kasi ito laban nang masasayang alaala lamang, laban din ito na may kasamang sakit, pagtitiis at sakripisyo. Kapag hindi ka tatayo at ipaglalaban ang dapat sa iyo, maiiwan ka na lang sa tabi. Kasi nga pag-ibig, gawin mo kung ano man iyong sinasabi ng puso mo.


March 21, 2012

          Funny how I sit alone at Mcdonalds today and noticed that everyone is eating alone with themselves too. I love how I drive life this morning, so siren and calm. It feels good to see these people alone, it’s like that world is telling me that “don’t feel bad, you’ve got company”. I’m still living in a world where I belong. I can still think of positive things to be coming my way someday.

I wonder if what’s on their mind right now. Do they have the same thoughts with me? Do they also noticed me? (that I was observing them) hahaha, funny it is. There’s this guy, he was sitting in the corner facing the entrance door. He was a “no-sleep-student”, I bet, his eyes were deep and looked haggard. I guess that’s why he’s here, to have coffee and some pan cakes. I’m thinking he got his “American-breakfast-habit”, NO Rice in the morning or maybe he’s on a diet. And then there’s this another middle age man, sitting in the table at my front, having his coffee with an Apple phone in his hand, probably using his wireless connection to blog too just like me. When I looked at him, I saw myself…only a man version of me. Next glance I made, I caught him looking at me. Now I’m sure of it, he’s blogging about me and I can’t help myself, to think about what he’s writing. I just pray I would not be seeing my face on others’ blog site one day, hahaha.

Ako’y Maghihintay.

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Pumatak ang alas dose at kita’y nasilayan
Sa iyong pagdating, luha ko ang iyong nadatnan
Ano nga bang kakahantungan
Nang puso kong lagi nalang luhaan
Ngunit kahit ano man ang maranasan
Pag-ibig ko sa iyo’y wala paring hangganan.

Umabot man ng isang daang taon
Ako’y maghihintay lang doon
Dadamhin ang bawat hampas ng alon
At kahit saan ka man paroroon
Sa dalampasigan ay laging naroroon
Ang pag-ibig ko sayong kailanma’y hindi maglalaon.


Life is at its Best ♥.

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Once in my life, I found someone who’s always there whenever I need him. I found someone who never got tired of my clumsiness and willfulness, someone who listens in every word I say and even in my silence. He never failed to brighten my darkest days and never get weary in love. He’s always there in happy days and in sadness, he’s the strength I have when I thought of quitting. He was like the sun and I was like the moon, without him…I probably wouldn’t shine on my own. My life would never be as bright as it is now.

November 9th, 2010, there it all started…when I first saw his face. He was standing along the hallway while I was sitting in the bench that day. He was someone who has a strong personality at first glance. At first, you’d think of him as the man who could be your superman anytime you’d be on trouble. That day when I got the chance to look at him clandestinely I never thought that it’d be my chance of having him in my life. I never thought that he could be that man I would always cherish and love. But you know what I didn’t expect most? Is that he’d learn to love me back. He has his life that moment, he was happy and so am I, we both had a different worlds but it didn’t made me stop from believing. When that moment comes that he had turn on my way, I realized that things would always be possible to God. I realized that everything could happen if you believe.

And so I continue to believe that we’d be together someday. We’ll share our life together and have a family of our own. I’d be his loving wife that he could be proud of and someone he could be with, in everything he does. I want to be the woman of his life, the woman who would help him grow through the test of time and would understand him. I would take care of him and our children without complains and would forever love him, with all my heart. He would be the man of my life and a loving father of our kids. He would be the support I need whenever I want to try new things and would be the only love I’ll ever have.

When I was young, the only wish I had in mind is to be a Writer but since the day I met this man who become the reason of my smiles and sparkling eyes, everything had changed. I never been this blessed and this time, I want to keep it right. I don’t wanna fall any more, I only want to be in his life and that’s all. All I want now is to be happily in love with him, in God and my family. All I want now is a simple and satisfying life with the person I love and when that moment comes in your life too, together we’ll say… life is at its best!

For Mr. John Francis A. Alcoran,
Always && Forever.


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Thought it was forever
Break-up? You said never
Where is it now?
You broke your vow.

You hold my hand
Like even in pain, you’ll stand
You kissed my forehead
Like our love’s never gonna be dead.

But you went tough
And my sorry for you now is not enough
What happened to our yesterday?
Why did you turn away?

Tell me was it all a game?
Who should I blame?
‘Twas a nightmare
I don’t know how to bear.